What is “Christian“ about a VCH house?

Or to put it differently: What can you expect from the ”label VCH“?

It is difficult to give a short answer to this question, just as it is difficult to briefly describe what it means to be Christian. Our houses are very different: seminar houses, hotels, retreat centres, guest houses, self-catering accommodation, castles and fortresses…

All VCH houses do have one thing in common: A Christian attitude and sense of responsibility shape our way of thinking, feeling and acting in the Austrian Christian Hotels Association. This  might differ from house to house.

Of course you’ll find special  hospitality in every VCH house,  a listening ear for your requests, and a warm welcome to everybody: “traditional hospitality in a loving atmosphere.”
An appreciation of the individual human being as a unique personality and creation of God is at the centre of our thinking, and hospitality was a very special and holy duty in biblical times. Children, our youngest guests are our special concern.  

At the same time, we are ecologically aware, preferring  to use local and seasonal products – both for the sake of the customer and the environment. We appreciate our staff, and where possible operate family-friendly working hours.

In other words, we want to be genuine and real!

What is “specifically Christian” at VCH houses?

In order to be a members of VCH Austria, a hotel or guesthouse  needs to be owned or run by a church or a Christian individual. This has a strong impact on both major issues as well as daily details.

  • Of course you’ll find Bibles, children’s Bibles and song books in most of our houses. At the same time, we have carefully chosen books, magazines and games in our house libraries.
  • We want to invite you to pause for a moment from the normal course of life through pictures, thoughts, Bible verses, suggestions for prayers in the dining rooms…
  • Good contact to local churches goes without saying. Do you need information on Sunday services, church events or other activities? No problem!
  • Some of our houses offer Sunday services or devotions by request.
  • In some of our VCH houses you’ll find a church room, a chapel or just a room of silence.
  • Various VCH houses offer Bible studies, counselling opportunities, joint prayer and much more…

How should I find way through this potpourri of VCH houses?

This website shows all of our web links and e-mail addresses. The individual members’ websites provide you with a good overview. And if you are not sure: just contact the house you’re thinking of  visiting – we’d love to help you!

Do I need to participate in the Christian programme?

Everyone  and all kinds of groups are welcome  in  our hotels and retreat centres,  our castles and fortresses, to our camping site and self-catering accommodation! Affiliation  to a certain religious denomination is not required. And nobody is forced to do anything – it is our wish that you will feel comfortable and  welcomed… 

Is there a link between VCH and the “Way of the Book"?

The “Way of the Book” is a network of selected cycle ways and hiking trails across Austria, from Passau (German border) to Arnoldstein (Italian border). This way follows the old paths of Bible smugglers and preachers during the era of counter reformation in Austria.
Nature, history and religion lead to an exceptional journey through Upper Austria, Salzburg and Carinthia. A hiking book and hiking Bible accompany you. Many Lutheran churches are situated on  this way and would love to welcome you!
The Way of the Book passes five VCH houses who  offer hospitality and accommodation to the “Book Travellers”.
If you want to  learn more about the “Way of the Book”, please visithttp://www.wegdesbuches.at

Can I become a member of VCH Austria?

Of course!
By now you already know a few things about VCH Austria. If you need more information, please contact the VCH Austria chairman / chairwoman: obmann@vch.at

How can I find a VCH partner hotel in other countries?

The website of CHI (Christian Hotels International) takes you to our partner houses and associations throughout Europe.http://www.christian-hospitality.com